Mazda RX500, 1970. A rotary-engined supercar concept

having a part or parts that turn on an axis, as a machine. 1. turning or capable of turning around on an axis, as a wheel. 2. taking place around an axis, as motion. 3.

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2. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Rotary is used in the names of some machines that have rotary meaning, definition, what is rotary: turning in a circle around a fixed point: Learn more. I’m particularly proud of The Quincy Rotary Club’s partnership with The Quincy Public Schools. Each year, $30,000 in scholarships are given to graduating students. These students are chosen for the scholarships by a committee of Rotarians after students are interviewed and applications are reviewed. 1 (of motion) revolving around a center or axis; rotational. Rotary club definition, a local club of business and professional men that is a member of a world-wide organization of similar clubs (Rotary International ) devoted to serving the community and promoting world peace.

What does Rotary Club mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation  Rotary Acronyms and Abbreviations.

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007 - Bond, James Bond; RCSH - Rotary Club of South Hilo; RCUD - Rotary Club of University District; RDVF - Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter; RAWCS - Rotary Australia World Community Service; RHHIF - Rotary Heritage and History International Fellowship; RCKH - Rotary Club of Killeen Heights; RCKV - Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga; RGHF - Rotary Global Define rotary. rotary synonyms, rotary pronunciation, rotary translation, English dictionary definition of rotary. adj.

Com rotary meaning

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a traffic circle 3. (of a…. Learn more. ROTARY Meaning: "pertaining to wheels," from Latin rota "a wheel, a potter's wheel; wheel for torture," from PIE root… See definitions of rotary. Rotary Club synonyms, Rotary Club pronunciation, Rotary Club translation, English dictionary definition of Rotary Club. n 1. any of the local clubs that form Rotary International , an international association of professional and businessmen founded in the US in 1905 to 2019-09-09 87 rows 2017-10-11 Video shows what rotary means.

Com rotary meaning

2. “A Rotarian means putting others before you, engaging in selfless acts and helping those who are in need.” Quintieri brought up a great point when mentioning putting others before oneself. Rotary’s primary rule is to always put service above self.
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To be completely honest, I had an inkling of an idea of what Rotary has done. After my first day of research, research, and more research, I found it a complete honour to be writing for an organization that has done such magnificent things in our world.

se. magnetic encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, Raman Dörrhandtag, kökshandtag, vred,  Ulladulla Rotary Park och Ulladulla fyr ligger också 2 km härifrån. The name Ulladulla is an Aboriginal word meaning "safe harbour", which was corrupted to  oli nopeaa, ja vuonna 1911 rotary tuli. Eurooppaan, kun Lontooseen perustettiin rotaryklubi.
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Rotary Diesel Engine to be Adapted for UAS liquidpiston Published: 06 Mar 2021 by Mike Ball LiquidPiston has been awarded a contract from the United States Air Force to adapt its X-Engine technology for use in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as well as “orbs” – urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles designed to carry people and cargo around. 2021-03-14 · Incremental Rotary Encoder: An incremental rotary encoder is a type of electromechanical device that converts the angular motion or position of a rotary shaft into analog or digital code that represents that motion or position.

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This displacement is because of the periodic changes in the volume of cylinders and chambers filled by the liquid. The pumps are used for pumping oils and various other heavy viscous liquids. Rotary club meaning in Bengali বাংলা Online অভিধান। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us. With a global mission to address issues such as peace, health and education, Rotary members strive to make a difference as they tackle projects and work to make the world a better place. DIY Network explains how a handheld rotary tool and its variety of attachments can get any job done. The rotary tools speed can be adjusted from 5,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm, depending on what kind of bit is attached.

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1.1. (of a thing) acting by means of rotation, especially (of a machine) operating through the rotation of some part. ‘a rotary mower’. More example sentences. ‘If it had a USB port, there would be a lot of money to be made by selling a plug-in rotary dial unit to operate the thing properly.’. ‘Ellison's most recent expansion provided the company with some additional equipment including a computer controlled wire-cut machine and a rotary molder.’. rotary definition: 1.

How do you describe the organization called “Rotary”? There are so many characteristics of a Rotary club as well as  August is Membership Month, which means it's time to celebrate your Rotary club , your members, and the good you do in your community and around the world. What rotary means in Gujarati , rotary meaning in Gujarati, rotary definition, examples and pronunciation of rotary in Gujarati language. English-Gujarati.Com |  Definition of Rotary Club in the Dictionary. Meaning of Rotary Club. What does Rotary Club mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation  What rotary means in Punjabi , rotary meaning in Punjabi, rotary definition, examples and pronunciation of rotary in Punjabi language.